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Annual Gala 2018

Annual Gala 2018

Fundraising Dinner for DIPG Research

Fundraising Dinner for DIPG Research

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A Perfect Evening!

Dec 2nd, 2018

It was as though Mithil was working overtime from above to make the gala a special day. Rain had stopped, sky was a beautiful painting of blue and white, it was warm enough to hang out outside for a while to admire the giant LOVE cutout, All that mattered to Mithil (and us) was great company, good food and awesome location.

Our gala co-ordinator, Dina Santos had worked tirelessly with Willow heights staff to make sure every decoration item was artfully placed to en-hance the look for the evening! Mithil’s close friends Yury and Nathan, greeted the guests and led them to the downstairs hall. Guests were offered finger food and drinks. Rachna’s friends Manu and Rupini were encouraging guests to buy raffle tickets for the night.

Our guest speaker for the night, Dr. Nalin Gupta came early and mingled with the crowd. Our board members Noah, Coach Elias and James were there to thank all the guests.

As the evening passed we then moved to our din-ing area. Guests entered through the gorgeous main entrance of the house where Mithil’s smiling picture and Lemo’s rhythmic music welcomed everyone! To the left of the hallway there were some of Mithil’s words displayed craft fully. To the right was all the raffles donated by our generous donors.

Dining tables were covered with different articles of turquoise blue, white, silver and red—all Mithil’s favorite colors! Handmade ornaments by our volunteers adorned the dinner plates as a return gift to the guests.

Dinner was served as the evening program started. Mithil’s sister and our vice president, Rachna Prasad, who put all the program together, was the MC for the evening. We shared our foundation’s events and accom-plishments for the year. For the first time we also shared some very personal pictures and videos when Mithil was sick. There was not a single dry eye in the room. Dr. Nalin Gupta then spoke about DIPG and re-search—what has been done so far and how far we still have to go. His speech and presentation was very well received by the guests.

Raffles were a big hit! Viva de Selfie volunteered their time and equipment to make our gala even more memo-rable. Our volunteers, Shashi and Sahana made scrap-books from the selfie station pictures. Lemo brought everyone together with his calypso music.

Overall we had a successful gala, we reached our fund-raising goal, had a great evening with Mithil Prasad Foundation community!


Thank you to everyone for making this gala a success by raising funds for DIPG research.

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Annual Gala 2018 Love

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